26 August, 2009

Misssouri Mayors join Bloomberg's coalition

Mayor Francis Slay of the city of St. Louis and Mayor Harold Dielmann of Creve Coeur are both signed on to this. The mayor's of both Kansas City MO and Kansas City KS are as well. Those two cities are closely tied socially and economically. I already know of Mayor Slay's position I e-mailed the Creve Couer mayor, the honorable Harold Dielmann to verify his involvement with Bloomberg's anti gun coalition. The text of my inquiry was this;
Mayor, I am writing to confirm that you are part of this group. I see that Creve Couer is on the list posted at the organizations website. I look forward to your reply. Best regards,

His reply through some intermediary, one Laverne Collins, was thus;

Subject: Yes. I am with you. H. L. D. Creve Coeur. Mo *

* note edited to remove my identification

Nothing in the body of the message and it was sent via crackberry. Funny how he assumes I agree with Bloomberg's group. There's a gun show Saturday. I intend to spread the word of his being part of this group.

Mayor's Slay and Dielmann, you are both in my geographic front yard. You both need to be ousted from office.


R-F said...

Sometimes I miss Fulton. I do not miss the trips to STL...Como was more fun anyway.

Top of the Chain said...

CoMO is more fun. Harpo's especially.

taupeofthechain said...
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