18 August, 2009

Stay classy Elizabeth

A local St Peters MO woman has been charged under Missouri's new cyberbullying law. Story here.

From stltoday.com

"Missouri's harassment law, which took effect last August, covers threats or communication that cause emotional distress, including electronic messaging on computers, text messaging and e-mail. Statewide, felony charges have been filed in other cases since the new cyber-harassment law was enacted. In the Meier case, Banas said no state law applied at the time."

Bad judgement, you betcha! Emotional distress? I don't know, some girls might like that kind of attention. Personally I would find a picture of some anonymous guy's genitalia being e-mailed to me extremely creepy. I am a guy and don't lean that way anyway. However, the teenager telling the forty year old woman to grow up obviously caused her enough 'emotional distress' to post the teenager's personal contact info on Craigslist.

I smell a constitutional challenge to this sometime in the near future.

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