06 July, 2010

it's not "big ammo magazines" either QOTD

A friend, back when I first started shooting again would correct me and another friend not to call rounds bullets or magazines clips unless you were talking about an actual clip for a gun that uses them. Also, we were informed that it is not a 'high capacity' magazine, but rather 10 round magazines are reduced capacity. The quote comes from the VPC's Kristen Rand

Kristen Rand of the Violence Policy Center says D.C.'s restrictions are true to what the Supreme Court has said: Cities do not have to license weapons deemed "dangerous and unusual." That includes big ammo magazines.

"That is the thread that runs through every major mass shooting in America since the McDonald's shooting in 1984," Rand says. "The perpetrator uses either a handgun or an assault weapon equipped with a high-capacity ammunition magazine."

So, what is dangerous and unusual about a normal capacity magazine? Ah. I bet it doesn't fit the VPC's narrative. Oh well, isn't that just too damn bad.

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