01 July, 2010

How's that again?

A small Tennessee-based newspaper has become the center of a free speech firestorm after it was banned from a grocery store chain and a KFC for allegedly publishing "hate" speech.

The entire story can be found here.

Anthony Mijares got all butthurt complained about a newspaper guest column that was published regarding Islam and how it can demand that it's cultural norms be adopted by the host country.

"When The Rutherford Reader publishes the statement that Islam is evil, defiling and dehumanizing, all you have to do is substitute the word Judaism (in place of Islam) and you know what that kind of commentary is without question," Mijares told the Tennessean. "People would get it immediately. That is hate speech." 
Mr. Mijares is correct, but for one simple fact.  Jews don't subjugate their women with head to toe coverings.  They don't wage active war against those who would not submit to their 'religion of peace'

Not everyone is going to like the message some people have.  Fine, so ignore it and move on.  Diversity should be about taking the good, the bad and the ugly and living with them all.

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