19 December, 2009

They are not responsible

Yesterday while at work, a truck driver came in and dropped off a pallet of product for us. He was a talkative guy and he seemed a decent enough sort. We started talking about finances and how where he lives, the area has turned into a boulevard of payday & title loan business'. They prey upon the less financially disciplined. He stated he was worried about how his city was turning into another Jennings or Dellwood. Those two areas are not the shining examples of the St. Louis suburbs. The conversation turned towards his neighborhood and how cars routinely race up and down his residential street. In one particular instance, a group of four candidates for institutional reform whizzed by as he was outside. He loudly remarked and they immediately returned to stare at him for a time. His complaint was that five years ago, the police would have been there lickety split, but now due to annexation of other areas, they were unable to provide faster response time. I asked him if the police were responsible for his safety. He answered with an "I guess not, no, not really." I said you're right, the supreme court decided that police are not responsible for your personal safety, nor the safety of your family. He did relate to me that he now keeps two seperate guns loaded and ready for use and is thinking about taking his concealed carry class.

As Breda says, "Carry your gun, it's a lighter burden than regret."


Old NFO said...

Reality, one person at a time... Glad you made him 'see the light'! The ONLY way we will take back this country is by being responsible for ourselves AND our actions.

Top of the Chain said...


Yep. My take is that he gets the self defense thing. And it was satisfying to be able to give that knowledge of the supreme court decision that negates that police are responsible for your safety.

Mike W. said...

Good job. Fear and ignorance are the weapons of the anti's. We fear that which we do not understand.

Knowledge is power.