03 December, 2009


The quote of the day comes from Gun Geek Rants.

This one just kicked over my giggle box.

"Remember, everytime you call a magazine a clip, a Gun Angel DIES! I'm not sure what happens when you call a Semi Auto a Revolver because that's just stupid."

For the context of calling a semi auto a revolver, go read the original post here.


Old NFO said...

Oh boy... :-) That one I'll have to remember!

Nick said...

Sadly, I've seen a newspaper article in which the "journalist" referred to a "semi-automatic Glock revolver". Would it kill these "journalists" to do just a wee bit of fact checking? I suspect (s)he was just trying to work in as many buzz words as possible.

Oh, and yes, please call them mags or magazines instead of clips.