26 July, 2009

Destroying evil paper circles

It was combloc day for me and my buddies at the range today. Well, almost sorta combloc in my case. Buddy B and buddy N had respectively, a Mosin Nagant rifle and carbine & a WASR-10 AK clone. I had my CZ P-07. See sorta, as CZ's are made in a formerly combloc country. I ran across this quote this morning before shooting.

Don't get too hung up on accessories. Simple is good. The best thing you can put on any firearm is wear. I had an instructor once say "Bond with your weapon until it wags it's barrel when it sees you coming."

I am putting wear on my CZ, my Sig Mosquito and my 10/22. I've owned the CZ the longest. It's not quite wagging it 's barrel at me yet, but let's just say that if I talk sweet and hold out my hand for it to sniff, it doesn't run away skittish. It even actually lets me pet it on the head once in a while.

The 10/22 is like that Labrador Retriever your parents bought for you as a kid. Loyal, no fuss, it loves to snuggle up to you as you pet it's tummy. And it eats anything.

The Sig is bit more of a finicky eater. It's that purebred year old dog that wants to like you and eventually will. Just on it's own terms and in it's own time. I gave it the most attention today and ran out of steak to feed it. It didn't like the bargain basement stuff and let me know. While eating that steak, it rolled over, played dead, sat up and begged for more.

Buddy B, not so lucky with the rifle. The cartridges refused to eject. His carbine though very nice.

Buddy N, was cursing ProMag magazines for AK's. They were a birthday present, so he can't complain too much. He didn't feed his Mosquito steak and it balked.

All in all, a good day at the range.

On one final note, to the gentleman shooting the AR clone, your medium T-Shirt stopping above your 4x belly, too much, wait no not enough rather. Go see my friend Omar, the tentmaker, he'll cover that 18 wheeler spare tire you call a gut.

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