23 July, 2009

What's next? Reperations

Obama thinks that the White House is his. He just gets to live there for the next three and half years.

On top of all that, why on God's sweet earth is he singling out one incident of a Harvard Scholar?
I thought that by annointing him , we'd all gotten over any racism left in this country. There are good police and bad police everywhere, and I don't believe that this was racially motivated. I believe it was being an uncooperative asshole motivated. The officer states flatly that he won't apologize. And why should he, he was doing his job. People will cry for more training, that he should know better, blah blah blah. Listen up you tools whose parents didn't discipline you as a child, the ones who were told 'you're special' you're not. Hike up your jimmy's and deal with it. Don't blame the police for doing their job. And next time, hide a key under a rock, or leave a spare with a neighbor.

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Old NFO said...

Point well made... I think the PHD pulled the do you know who I am crap, and then got on his high horse... WRONG!!!