24 January, 2013

Reply from Blaine Luetkemeyer Congressman for the 9th District of MO

Like many of my fellow Americans, I wrote my congressman and reminded him that I owned an AR pattern rifle and associated items for that rifle.  A rifle that many call an "assault weapon" but in reality is simply a semi automatic rifle.  While the letter is quite lengthy and would require me typing out a page worth, I'll share a couple key passages.

"These types of shootings have become too frequent (referencing Newtown CT.)  We must determine what it is about our culture and the policies we have put in place that allow or cause these tragedies to occur. I believe we must come to a solution that reduces violence in our society without infringing on the second amendment rights of law-abiding Americans." emphasis mine 

The next paragraph though is the one that give me hope.

"Please know that I oppose such efforts to curtail our Second Amendment rights.  Throughout my career, I have championed our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I  believe, and the Supreme Court has affirmed, that law-abiding citizens have the right to purchase, possess, and use firearms for legitimate purposes such as self-defense, hunting, and recreation.  As a member of the National Rifle Association and a supporter of responsible gun ownership, I believe that Federal laws regarding firearms should be in place to protect the rights of private citizens, not restrict them.  Rest assured that I will continue to stand up for our Constitutional rights."

Remember that reminding our  elected representatives of who we are and what we represent to them is a good way to remind to do the right thing. 

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