23 June, 2011

I should expand

Recently Diana Wueger tweeted about the futility of covering domestic firearms laws.  I misunderstood her tweet and took exception to it.  She explained that she was being self deprecating and went on to ask me what regulations I'd do away with.  Being twitter I couldn't give too long winded of an answer and off the cuff I replied with NFA 34'. 

Now NFA 34' otherwise known as 26 U.S.C. ch. 53.  This is the federal basis for gun control in the United States.  It taxes certain guns and other related items.  I don't believe for a minute that Congress would repeal this law.  It will be up to the ultimately SCOTUS to rule on the legality of taxing exercising your codified natural right. 

In keeping with the ideal that all politics are local, I'd work at my state level here in Missouri to have state pre-emption of open carry.  Missouri is unique in that state pre-emption in regards to firearms is applicable to everything but OPEN CARRY. 

Beyond that, I would work toward making Missouri another Constitutional Carry state. 

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