25 May, 2011

Obviously, you didn't think this through

Fon Du Lac WI police chief Tony Barthuly has this to say about concealed carry coming to Wisconsin;

"I have mixed emotions about it (concealed carry). I am an avid hunter myself. The gun is just the delivery system to injure or kill someone. It still takes someone behind that tool to cause the act," Barthuly said. "That's why the licensing is so important. If there can be a mechanism by law to make sure that there is training and licensing, we won't put guns in the hands of high-risk individuals."

We won't put guns in the hands of high-risk individuals?  Ok, a particularly stupid criminal that would subject themselves to the procedure of training & licensing, you would be able to stop.  What are you going to do about the other 99.9% of criminals who have more than two functioning brain cells to rub together?

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Old NFO said...

Meh... typical police attitude in a lot of areas...