30 May, 2011

Bushmaster linked to drug trade

Did you read that headline?  Please go back and read it again.  If you're like me, visions of nervous Bushmaster executives meeting with drug lords in seedy Mexican hotel rooms are what came to mind. 

The implication that a U.S. arms manufacturer is illicitly supplying weapons to the Mexican drug cartels is astounding. 

A Hearst Newspapers survey of 1,600 guns purchased mostly in Texas and Arizona -- which were either shipped to Mexico or intercepted en route -- shows the Bushmaster .223 AR-15 ranks second among firearms apparently used in drug warfare.
Which makes you wonder why the government isn't doing more to help out U.S. companies in these tough economic times.  Oh wait, they are.

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Old NFO said...

LOL... Gotta wonder some times... :-)