07 October, 2010

Birthday Range Report

To treat myself for my birthday, I went to the new Ultimate Defense Range and Training Center.  I shot my CZ P-07 and my Dan Wesson revolver.

At paper man size targets at yards,  I am fairly confident I can put lead on target with the CZ. 

With my Dan Wesson,  I am a wretched ball of suck.  I have a wicked flinch that is going to require lots of dry fire time. 

That brings me to another thing I discovered, those CCI 550 primers I used for my .357 magnum loads are awfully hard.  I had more soft strikes than I'd care to admit.  Any recommendations for a small magnum pistol primer? 


Old NFO said...

Trigger time always helps! :-) Haven't reloaded in years, so no clue on primers, sorry.

commoncents said...

THANKS FOR POSTING THIS! I love your blog!!

Common Cents