11 August, 2010

Equating a celebrated tool with lethality

The VPC's Josh Sugarmann is decrying the use of a particular model of pistol that was used by the alleged gunman during last week's horrific shooting in CT.

Sugarmann equates the Ruger SR9c, a pistol named Handgun of the Year, with his view that the firearms industry is producing increasingly lethal firearms.

Sugarmann's ignorance of why compact pistols are a compromise would be laughable, if not for the tragedy he attempts to profit from.

Had the alleged gunman used a Ford Fusion, would Sugarmann bemoan over the Ford's 263 hp V-6 being used to run down one of those killed? I highly doubt it. Perhaps Josh Sugarmann shouldn't ever buy a Ford Fusion, it's **** of the year status might mean he could run someone over someone.


Old NFO said...

Never let a crisis go to waste... And never let a murder go to waste, if it provides fodder for the antis...

蔡曼鄭美玉屏 said...
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Taupe of the Chain said...

Amazing, how come a Sig, Walther, FN, Glock, CZ, or other Western European firearm did not get "Handgun of the Year"? I thought the Europeans make far superior firearms to the Americans!!!

The truth is out.