12 April, 2010

PSH over Gun Rights

In case anyone hasn't heard, the Arizona legislature recently passed Constitutional Carry or permitless concealed carry. It is awaiting the governor's signature. The PSH from the anti gun crowad amuses me. Here's a quote from one of my personal favorite moonbats.

That does it for me and Arizona. If I go, I race into Grand Canyon, look around with all the other tourists and get the hell out.

It just warms the cockles of my heart, knowing that every victory causes the bigots worry and frustration.


Taupe of the Chain said...

You misspelled crowd.

Top Of The Chayne said...
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Top Of The Chayne said...

Why you have to delete all my comments you fag. You said as long as they weren't personal attacks that you didn't care but obviously you have the pissy stick a little too far up your anal cavity that it has disabled all your humor. Maybe Rufus just hasn't been giving you blow jobs lately and that is why you are so pissy.