11 June, 2012

Wisconsin Governors Race 2010 & 2012, it wasn't about the money.

What happened in Wisconsin in the recall election is telling.   For all the disparity of money that was spent by the Republicans vs. the Democrats, the polling numbers are remarkably similiar.

In 2010 they look like this

Walker 52.3%

Barrett 46.6%

In 2012 they are as follows

Walker 53.1%

Barrett 46.3%

Historically, unions have been well organized and are able to motivate and influence their membership to vote the union's preference.  It is fascinating that not being buried in with a lot of other political races, the democrats were unable to gather enough support to sway the vote.  Walker gained .8% of the vote and Barrett lost .3% of it. 

I've seen figures that various pro Walker organizations and such outspent pro Barrett supporters 4 to 1.  All to gain less than one percent of the total vote?  It wasn't money that kept Scott Walker in the Wisconsin governors seat, it was the same folks before liking what he's done and supporting him to continue doing what he's doing. 

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