13 September, 2011

USPS employees are the equivalent of Douglas Adam's Vogons

So Joe Huffman tells his tale of renewing his P.O. Box contract.  Joe makes a reference to the Vogons, which is an apt description, from the wiki.

The Vogons are a fictional alien race from the planet Vogsphere in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams, who are responsible for the destruction of the Earth, in order to facilitate an intergalactic highway construction project. Vogons are slug-like but vaguely humanoid, are bulkier than humans, and have green skin. In the motion picture they are depicted as having greyish white skin. Vogons are described as mindlessly bureaucratic, aggressive, having "as much sex appeal as a road accident" and the writers of "the third worst poetry in the universe". They are employed as the galactic government's bureaucrats.
 My google search yielded this.  Lord help us, poetry by postal workers.  Is it Thursday, I could never get the hang of Thursdays.

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Old NFO said...

Oh damn... now I've got to clean the monitor again :-)