06 January, 2011

A surprisingly balanced article from the Telegraph-Herald in Dubuque IA

Iowa has recently became a shall issue state in regards to concealed carry.  Rather than the usual the sky is falling PSH hysteria that accompanies these pieces, the Telegraph Herald provides a refreshingly unbiased view of this subject.

And Dubuque bank takes a relatively neutral position on the subject.

"If somebody walks in with a sidearm, who's not a uniformed police officer, that's going to make some of our customers uncomfortable," Beresford said. "While we're not posting signs, and we're not trying to create any prohibition, we certainly will not encourage it."

We are winning. Everyday folks are realizing that peaceably armed citizens pose little threat to their fellow citizens. Even the press is waking up to this. I'd like more of the same, please.

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Old NFO said...

One can only hope mass sanity breaks out...