13 December, 2010

Making our DemocracyRepublic Work

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has come out with a book titled Making Our Democracy Work. The title itself is misleading in that America is not a democracy, despite what statists and socialists would have us believe.  It is in fact, a constitutional republic

In an interview with Christopher Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Breyer states that the Second Amendment was meant to place a restriction on the right to keep and bear arms. 

In the interview, Breyer goes on to talk about how the court should take a pragmatic view.  His judicial philosophy is to view the Constitution as a core set of values that must be applied according to the moment. 

Of course, values are flexible and can be changed.  One might value a seemingly rare item, and once that item has outlived its usefulness, it's value would decline. 

A judge, a politician, the average citizen that adheres to a set of core principles is much more interesting and is the answer to restoring the republic.  Allowing democracy to take hold is a recipe for disaster. 

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