14 June, 2009

My Second Amendment Saturday

Started out by going to the local reloader store to see about setting me up with a single stage press. (I sure didn't pick a cheap pastime.)

Gun show with some gun porn (sorry no pics, camera's weren't allowed)
There's a saying in amateur radio is that a hamfest is where junk exchanges basements. I am gonna paraphrase that and say that a gun show is where safe queens exchange gun safes. I did find some ammunition in .380 that I didn't have to sign over my life savings for though, so not all bad. Oh and the lovely handstitched leather holster that fits my Thunder lika Gulove.

The best part of the day. Time at the range. It was zenlike. Me, my Bersa, the target. my surprise every time the sear tripped. Ahhhh.... Life is indeed good.

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